About Us


The New York Liberty Star Newspaper is published by New York Liberty Star, Inc. The Liberty Star newspaper is a free publication, published weekly and distributed throughout New York City. The Liberty Star serves as a medium through which New Yorkers can stay abreast with the latest news and information that affects their community, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. While the company’s primary goal is to create a voice for those communities under-served by large scale media, and express it in a tasteful, family-oriented and professional manner, New York Liberty Star also keeps New Yorkers in touch with all the major events of today.

In 2001, the Tri-State area finally saw a newspaper all New Yorkers could relate to with the establishment of The New York Liberty Star. NY Liberty Star was met with immediate acceptance by its target market – African American with a large focus on Caribbean-Americans With a circulation of 55,000, an attractive layout and print quality, unique methods of distribution of this FREE publication and a strategy developed to inform, promote, educate, and entertain while meeting the reading needs of the family, rather than a heavily accented individual focus, NY Liberty Star instantly became an integral part of the African American community.Significantly, NY Liberty Star has emerged as an essential medium for small business, boosting growth via affordable and effective advertising campaigns. Reference to our Profile would reveal NY Liberty Star readership comprise more than 30 per cent of homeowners, with a high disposable income, living in single or two-family homes in New York City and the surrounding communities. Entrepreneurs, political and religious leaders, health professionals and blue collar workers are the main areas of occupation.  NY Liberty Star readers consider themselves in touch with local, regional and international issues.  NY Liberty Star readers are quality conscious, loyal consumers, who are upwardly mobile and strive to develop and maintain a quality standard of living.  NY Liberty Star appeals to the reading needs of the family through associations with the Church community with an informative Gospel section. This section keeps Churchgoers abreast with upcoming Gospel events, Music Ministries and topical issues concerning the Church. Special Features and Supplements – Health, Dining, Education, Homebuyers/Homeowners and Fashion – keep NY Liberty Star readers in touch with culture, Sports, Entertainment, Education, Health, Travel, Business, Topical Issues, and up-to-date trends.